The Ministry of Corporate Affairs is all set to exploit the benefits of its ambitious e-Governance programme – MCA21, which is considered to have been successfully implemented by the Government of India as one of the Mission Mode Projects under the NeGP.

For the first time a communication, using the Information and Communication Technology, has already been e-mailed to about 1.90 lakh Directors on companies whose e-mail IDs are available in the MCA21 data-base. Welcoming the Directors to the DIN data-base fold, the e-mail is addressed to the Directors requesting them to ensure filing of DIN Form-2 by them to the companies and the companies required to file Form DIN-3 with the Registry. "This is the beginning and we plan to continue to interact with our stakeholders on a continuing basis in future as well", said a Ministry official.

Another communication, calling upon the companies to file Form DIN-3 (which contains the details of all the Directors/ Secretary/ Manager of a company) has been sent by e-mail to about one lakh companies. These are companies who have filed their Annual Returns and Balance Sheets on-line but have so far not filed Form DIN-3.

Compliance management is under serious review. The Ministry has decided its priorities clearly and is keen to take up the issue of non-compliance of filing of statutory returns by the defaulting listed companies, public limited companies, Government companies and those with an authorized capital exceeding Rs. 1.00 crore in the first phase. "About 75% of the companies in this group are already compliant in filing the Annual Returns and the Balance Sheets. Our target is to take this to at least 90% compliance level in this group before the year end", said the Ministry sources.

Steps are already underway to strike off the names of defunct companies and cleanse the Registries by initiating suo-motu action u/s 560 of the Act. The first phase of this initiative is targeted to be completed by October end. Separately, a major drive has been taken up to validate the database and carry out corrections wherever required so as to establish the integrity of the database on the corporate sector


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